design by Alfredo Häberli

The STAMMTISCH is a ‘social’ table, inspired by the table for the regular visitor in a cafe. Alfredo Häberli translated this idea for the home and project market.

Oval + Rectangular table
L 210, 240, 270, 300 cm, max length 400 cm.
W 100 cm (rectangular) or 118 cm (oval).
H 75 cm. Other dimensions on request.

Round table
Ø 120, 140, 160, 180 cm on 3 legs.
If Ø > 180 cm, than ≥ 4 legs. H 75 cm.
Other dimensions on request.

Solid American Ash Wood, French Oak or American Walnut with an oil finish.

Other wood or finishes on request.

Metal frame, colours
Standard satin Traffic White (RAL 9016) powder coating.
On request lacquered in any regular RAL or NCS colour.

Base only
If you want to use your own table top, we can deliver just the base of the Oval / Rectangular model or a set of legs of the Round model.

Stammtisch oval ashwood 400cm at Workshop of Wonders, image by JR Imageworks

L 210, 240, 270, 300 cm, max length 490 cm

Quodes-Haeberli-Stammtisch ash  detail edge from high viewpoint

Stammtisch Oval L240 H75 D118 cm detail
Solid ash wood

Quodes-Haeberli-Stammtisch ash  horizontal bar for feet and white frame

Stammtisch ash horizontal bar for feet

Quodes-Haeberli-Stammtisch ash detail 016

Stammtisch ash detail

Stammtisch series

Quodes-Haeberli-Stammtisch Rectangular Ash L240 freestanding_163




Quodes-Haeberli-Stammtisch 240 cm ash frontal view white freestanding